REVIEW: Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger – Balearic Beauty

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Close your eyes and listen to the beach waves. You can almost feel the sand between your toes and the warm sunlight embrace your skin as Roger Shah opens his magnificent fourth Sunlounger album with the angelic ‘Balearic Beauty’, which very appropriately entitles the release.

2291 visual REVIEW: Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger – Balearic Beauty

The first CD brings you the downtempo of the Balearic brilliance we’ve come to admire and expect from his infamous moniker – and he definitely does not disappoint. Filled with detailed tribal percussions, weeping Spanish guitars and heartbreaking piano melodies, ‘Balearic Beauty’ is sure to floor anyone who is interested in multifaceted instrumentals.


‘Coconuts & Pineapples’, ‘Sunkissed’ and the dreamy ‘Mojito’ (recorded alongside South African producer Andre Frauenstein) – their names alone make you fight the urge to grab your backpack and buy a one-way ticket to Bahamas! Actually, it’s hard to find one track that does not take you away…

One big highlight is definitely ‘I Just Want To Dance With You’, a reggae-influenced production that carries a cheerful vibe among the hazy and languorous tones of singer Kingseyes. And, sure, the good old pounding beats come back to shake you up on the second CD! So, put your sunglasses, grab your margarita and let’s trance!Shah also gathered some of best talents around to boost some of the featured tracks. Our EDM beauty JES graces the enchanting and moody ‘Glitter and Gold’, while Suzie Del Vecchio hypnotize us with ‘If You Where Here’ and the Romanian singer Alexandra Badoi supplies her haunting vocals on ‘I’ll Be Fine’, which will soon see the release of its official music video. In ‘Relaxation’, Jörg Stenzel, part of famed trance act York, make another epic progressive rock driven co-production, after having worked memorably on Sunlounger’s acclaimed ‘Another Day on the Terrace’ album.

Grab it now on Beatport: and on 16th September full package on all stores.


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