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Companies who support us


Beats Media has entered a partnership with Britverify and is utilizing its real-time email verification technology to obtain clean and reliable lead data. This advanced safeguard prevents incorrect lead data from being passed on due invalid email adresses. Integrating BriteVerify enables Beats Media to increase its performance potential.


eBureau is a lead verification, scoring and monitoring system which detects incorrect data input. Our partnership allows us to verify leads in real-time. By integrating eBureau’s technology, lead returns are reduced which means we only deliver valid lead data. Moreover, all leads that don’t correspond to a minimum score are filtered out. Therefore, leads which are not profitable for buyers are eliminated.

Has Offers

HasOffers’s affiliate tracking software provides the industry primary solution for tracking performance advertising. Beats Media uses this innovative tracking technology to combat affiliate fraud, monitor campaigns with real-time reports and to target campaigns.


Beats Media partnership with LeadiD lets us utilize innovative lead generation technology to track leads by source. Once a lead is generated, LeadiD creates a unique ID number detailing lead source and origin. This lead ID is then passed on to all buyers. With the help of these ID numbers, Beats Media is able to reduce fraud and improve transparency in the online lead generation industry.

Media Options

MediaOptions is one of the largest domain brokers in the domain industry and is supporting Beats Media with invaluable industry knowledge. 


QuoteBlock by MassNexus is one of the largest lead generation companies in the industry and is supporting Beats Media with invaluable industry knowledge. Beats Media and MassNexus have partnered to acquire, manage and develop various premium domains, such as


Invoca builds technology that makes call marketing automation easy. It’s patented, cloud-based tools deliver complete campaign management, clear attribution and practical analytics in one simple solution. Thanks to our partnership with Invoca we can offer exclusive click2call tools.